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Proper identification of the pests by our certified technicians allows us to design the most effective treatment plan and control measures. There are four main pests in the Tampa Bay area whose infestations can require our professional pest control services:

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Ants: Most live outdoors, entering buildings in search of food and water. Some species, such as pharaoh or ghost ants, establish indoor colonies. Proper treatment depends on the type of ant. Carpenter ants can cause damage similar to that of termites. Fire ants, with their painful bite, are also a growing problem here in Tampa Bay.

Cockroaches: The German species (actually from Asia) and American cockroaches (from Africa) are the only ones to infest buildings.

Fleas To control these pests you have to go after adults on pets, and larvae and eggs in carpets and pet resting sites. In between professional pest control services, tips for flea control include vacuuming to remove eggs and feces, washing your pets and their bedding, and using a flea comb on your pets.

Silverfish and Firebrats These are very common in homes and may cause damage by eating foods or other materials that are high in protein, sugar, or starch. They both eat cereals, moist wheat flour, paper on which there is glue or paste, book bindings, starch in clothing, and rayon fabrics.

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